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Our Approach

The central focus of our lab is to understand viruses and exploit their naturally evolved abilities to transduce cells, modify cell cycling, immunomodulation, and to evade immunity.

The Story of Everything

Almost everything we know about ourselves and life, in general, was figured out using the smallest forms of life, viruses.  If it wasn't for small RNA and DNA viruses we wouldn't know how are cells divide or how cancer causes disease.  Thank a virus for the knowledge.

Meet the Team

Nobody does anything great alone.  This research requires the contribution of tremendous efforts and intelligence that stems from my earliest research experiences at Texas State University.  I have had the privilege to learn from fantastic, passionate, dedicated researchers from Duke University Medical Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University, Mayo Clinic, the University of Nebraska, Lincoln  and the Nebraska Center for Virology.  Below, you will find our most current Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Doctoral Researchers.  They are playing a critical role in our scientific advances.

Brianna Bullard

Graduate Student


Bria is working on developing a novel Zika virus vaccine and understanding how Zika virus vaccine platforms compare to natural infections.

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Samantha Moran

UCARE Undergraduate Student

Samantha is working on characterizing novel vaccine for Ebola virus.  She is also working on creating novel cell lines that are capable of replicating E1-deleted low seroprevalent Adenoviruses.

Benjamin Downing

Undergraduate Volunteer

Ben has been learning new methodologies in molecular biology.

Next Steps...

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